1st Flash Flood Emergency Survival Training

8 Philippine Life Saving Bronze Medallion Awardees   train with Philippine Finswimming

Philippine Finswimming  conducts 1st Flash Flood  Emergency Survival Training in Quezon City

The Philippine Life Saving ,  a full- member  organization of the International Life Saving Society  (ILS)  and an allied organization of the Royal Life Saving Society Australia (RLSSA), and the  governing body of the Water Safety Philippines , sent  eight of its best men  to the 1st Flash Flood Emergency Survival Training Course held  at the Amoranto Pool in Roces  Avenue , Quezon City, Philippines on November  21-22, 2009.

The eight- man PLS contingent , together with   20  other participants coming from Philippine Finswimming  and other local government units ,  participated in  the training course organized  by the Philippine Finswimming  , the governing body of finswimming sports in the country,  and    a full member  of both the Philippine Olympic Committee and  the  Confederation Mondiale de Activites Subaquatique (CMAS) , an international organization  that  lays  down the rules and principles  in all underwater sports.  The training program  was aimed not only at preparing the participants  with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to incidents during flash floods , but also to eventually train others for awareness and preparedness  during  flash flood situations.