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Water Safety Symposium logoWATER SAFETY SYMPOSIUM (WSS)
Water Safety Symposium is an initiative of Philippine Life Saving to promote water safety and drowning prevention in schools and local communities. WSS disseminates aquatic safety information such as vital devotion to the Aqua Code, Water Safety best practices and Drowning Prevention Program like the “Keep Watch our children” which is presented for the youth and adults to advocate. Keep Watch Campaign focuses on four (4) key responsibilities for parents and guardians to Supervise Children, Restrict Access of a child to Water, Water Awareness and Learn Resuscitation.


swim and survive logoSWIM AND SURVIVE (SAS)
Swim and Survive (SAS) is a program of the Royal Life Saving Society Australia duly endorsed to Philippine Life Saving for implementation in the Philippines. SAS aims to develop swimming, personal survival, water safety and basic rescue skills of all children ages 5-14 years to prevent drowning and increase safe participation at any aquatic sports and activities such as board riding, kayaking, skin diving and sailing. Done in Pools at schools and other aquatic locations by certified SAS Instructors, the program provides the essential strands for Safe Water Entries and Exits, Underwater and Body Orientation, Basic Rescue and Survival Skills, in addition to a process of developing strong and effective swimming technique. Swim and Survive is ‘Swimming for All Season.’


Special swim and survive logoSPECIAL SWIM AND SURVIVE (SSAS)
An initiative by Philippine Life Saving that provides opportunity for Young Adults or Practitioners of Swim Teaching or Coaching to learn the wide range of SAS skills and become Lifesavers whom can move on either as certified SAS Instructor or may proceed to Bronze Medallion Rescue being the minimum competency required for Lifeguards worldwide. For Aspirant Instructors, SAS Course Wares and Teaching Methodology are being discussed thoroughly aside from the need of complying practicum requirements. SSAS program is for individual ages 15-35 years.


Resuscitation and Emergency Care logoRESUSCITATION & EMERGENCY CARE (REC)
The Standard Lifesaving Support Certification Course by International Life Saving (ILS) for drowning and cardiac victims. REC provides participants the practical Lifesaving Technique for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid and After Care. Topics include the Legal aspects of Resuscitation, Position Statements, ILCOR Recommendations, DRSABCD Action Plan, First Aid, Basic Oxygen Management, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and After Care.