Gigantes Mobile Lifesavers

14 January 2017
Press release: Larry Joie Alag
Carles- Philippines

In an effort to strengthen lifesaving and rescue response capacity in the fast growing tourists destination in Northernmost part of Iloilo Province, particularly in Gigantes group of islands in the Municipality of Carles. Philippine Life Saving (PLS) with the help from Action Medeor and German Relief Coalition trained 40 motorcycle drivers & tour guides in the 4 barangays of ( Asluman, Granada, Lantangan & Gabi) in first aid , cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and vehicular extrications.

They will form part of the Unified Rescue Response System being develop in gigantes. As mobile lifesavers, PLS looks forward for a faster response and delivery of first aid services to any untoward road accidents in the island. It’s a model that is worth to be replicated in other touristic island communities in the country.

This is also in support for the Lifeguard Services Operation of Philippine Life Saving which was set up march last year, in partnership with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Carles, Island Sustainable Development Alliance (ISDA) a community-based alliance geared towards establishing and institutionalizing a unified and collaborative approach in managing and protecting the marine resources & eco-tourism activities coined as “One Gigantes”.

As of this posting there were total of 20 recorded rescue and first aid given to victims of road accident in the 4 barangays. The officers of Motorcycle Associations commit to convene a meeting among all its members to set up a Motorcycle Federations and come up with a comprehensive rules and regulations acceptable to everybody and step up campaigns on licensing and road safety.

Gigantes island is known for its natural wonders such as caves, prestine salt water lagoon (tanke), white sands , small islets perfect for those looking for adventure, fun and island hopping activities.


  1. eva says

    How can I enroll for training. Course of life guard ?

    • Larry Joie Alag says

      Hi Eva, sorry for late reply to your query. We will ran a monthly lifeguard training in Gigantes starting October this year. Let me know if youre interested.


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