Philippine Life Saving (PLS) Advocacies geared full throttle in Ilo-Ilo Province



MIAG-AO, ILOILO – Since officially becoming a Lifesaving District, as announced by Philippine Life Saving (PLS) President, Arne S. Navarra, on 15 October 2012 during its first-ever Special Swim and Survive Training Course, PLS has implemented various advocacies on its area of responsibility. These advocacies which include drowning-prevention, lifeguarding, and lifesaving sports, were translated to following activities:

15-19 October 2012, it held a PLS Special Swim and Survive Training Course and graduated nineteen (19) participants, and conducted Competency Assessment by 19 January 2013 for ten of its graduates all earning a Level 7 competency;

10 & 17 November 2012, it conducted Lifesaving Sports Try-out to thirteen (13) swimmers from Central Philippine University and Western Institute of Technology, Iloilo City;

19 December 2012, it conducted Drowning Survey and co-organized the Drowning Events Quartet with Iloilo City Police Office, Philippine Coast Guard-Iloilo Station, and Aquahobbies Outdoor Recreation & Scuba Diving Services;

12 January 2013, it launched the Iloilo Culture on Drowning Prevention Plan 2013-2015 with the Philippine Army, PCGA, and Philippine Navy’s Naval Reserve Center-Western Visayas; and

25 January, it provided On-board Lifeguarding during the fluvial procession of Dinagyang Festival 2013.

On linkages and partnerships, PLS Iloilo enjoys the respect, support, and cooperation of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Philippine National Police (PNP) Maritime Group, Philippine Army, Philippine Navy’s Naval Reserve Center, Department of Education, and Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) among others. It regularly sent press releases also to local broadsheets including an incoming a radio program interview dubbed “Lifesaver On Air”.

PLS Iloilo, this 01-03 February will provide Beach Lifeguarding respectively during the 2013 Philippine Hobbie 16 National Championships & 1st Anhawan Resort Regatta at Oton, Iloilo Province, and 17 February during the Iloilo Paraw Regatta, Villa Arevalo, Iloilo City.

Edmund N. Santos, PLS Iloilo Director, himself a licensed scuba diver and lifeguard overseas, humbly explained, “Ilonggos innately craves for training and education hoping that such would let them improve their quality of life, PLS Iloilo considers it as a blessing to be part of their continuous learning”.

This February 07, 2013, it will hold a Lifesavers Hymn Singing Try-outs for fourth year high school students of Melchor R. Nava Memorial National High School, Calaparan, Molo, Iloilo City.Come April to May, it shall furnish facilitators to the 2013 Iloilo All-Ages Swimming Program, organized by its sustaining sponsor, Aquahobbies Outdoor Recreation & Scuba Diving Services. It shall be conducted every week of which revenue shall be used to defray part of the training expenses of its local Bronze Medallion-hopefuls starting June.

On July to October, it slated every Sundays as Special Swim and Survive Training Course for newly-graduate college students as drowning-prevention initiative during this usually typhoon season. Before the current year ends, PLS Iloilo is intimating to host the next Philippine Drowning Prevention Congress in collaboration with Jaycees International-Iloilo City.

Indeed, as a region most famous for its lavish mardi gras-like celebration of the Child Jesus Christ, the Dinagyang Festival, a Spanish-mestiza mother of a local young PLS volunteer once chanted, “Viva Salva Vida!” (Long Live Lifesaving!).


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