Press Release 4: Life Saving Sports

The Philippine Drowning Prevention Congress held last August 13-14 at DLSZ Alabang, Muntinlupa City served as an avenue for the launch of Life Saving Sports in the Philippines.

Of all the sports we may have known,  Life Saving Sports can be considered as the most exclusive because it does not just entail lifesaving skills but also aims to enhance the fitness level of lifesavers in the conduct of rescues.

Life Saving Sports is indeed  multi-disciplinary in nature. It is a composite course of  athletic ability with lifesaving skills and rescue facilities. Aside from helping save lives, lifesaving skills are administered in competition setting. Through establishing sport participation pathway, it provides opportunities for lifesavers to excel in sports from community level to elite level.

Philippine Life Saving, as the governing body in Life Saving Sports in the country, was able to hosts 2 major Lifesaving Sports events dubbed as “The Great Titan” in Boracay and the TGT Visayas Extreme held in Buenos Aires Resort, City of Bago in the Province of Negros Occidental .

This is the reason why Life Saving Sports is a principal component for drowning prevention  public awareness and is continued to be uplifted as part of the seven mandates  of Philippine Life Saving Society in Philippine Aquatic Environment.


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