PLS – Malaybalay Training

Philippine Life Saving conducts Swim and Survive Training in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

In pursuance of its Drownproofing Philippines Campaign, the Philippine Life Saving, in coordination with the Malaybalay City government, conducted a five-day Swim and Survive (SS) training to thirteen participants in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. The SS training, a water safety program endorsed by the International Life Saving and supported by PLS as its full member, is designed to teach the minimum skills needed of a lifesaver. Since May 2008, around six thousand Filipinos have completed this program, exclusively conducted by PLS, providing the participants a balanced program of swimming, water safety , and survival skills.

Spearheading the Malaybalay SS training program was PLS Special Swim and Survive alum and trainor, Kenneth Amiel Tylor, who along with fellow PLS instructors Cyril D. Mamugay, Napie T. Barbarona, and Renato A. Cuizon, taught the trainees the vital skills necessary for lifesaving. The trainors, all of whom hold the distinct honor of being among the first fifty Bronze Medallion awardees in the country, were all praises for the twelve – man, one-woman team, who according to Cuizon, individually and collectively, did a very impressive performance during the course of the training. Cuizon stated, “ It was great working with such an enthusiastic group. They all put their hearts and minds into the training, and quickly learned . They are more than ready to put their skills to the test.”

PLS Secretary General Larry Joie S. Alag, who whenever possible makes himself available in PLS training programs, made no exception for the Malaybalay training. He came not only to ensure the smooth conduct of the training but also to share his expert knowledge on Ethics & Attitudes of Lifesavers, Cold Water Immersion, Rip Currents, and Lifesaving Sports. Alag, in one of lectures, shared some grim statistics on child drowning.
“Drowning has become the top cause of injury –related deaths around Asia. Every day sixteen Filipino children die due to drowning. This number is alarming and must be abated. That’s why it is important to educate people about water safety. This is the advocacy of PLS, and its members all over the country stand shoulder to shoulder in bringing down the incidents of drowning deaths and water-related injuries in the country whose water-rich
environment necessitates water-safety awareness among its people,” Alag stated.

Alag was pleased with Malaybalay’s initial involvement in the humanitarian efforts of PLS. With another SS training in Malaybalay in the works and scheduled on December 8 to 12, he expressed hope that Malaybalay’s initial foray into lifesaving, will pave the way for Malaybalay active immersion into the lifesaving advocacy of PLS. He said, “PLS is committed to uplifting the standard of water safety to the people of Malaybalay and I am extremely gratified that Malaybalay has forged an alliance with us. Today we have educated thirteen participants, but these thirteen, now full-fledged lifesavers, will not only endeavour to save lives but will encourage their friends in Malaybalay to follow their tracks as lifesavers , and these friends, in turn will encourage other Malaybalaynons to follow suit. Hopefully this chain of events will bring about in the foreseeable future one
lifesaver in every Malaybalay household and eventually, a drown-free Malaybalay, more worthy of its title as the ‘South Summer Capital of the Philippines’.

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